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Added by Tom Rochette about 13 years ago. Updated almost 13 years ago.

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Currently, we're only able to diff with the previous revision (r123 with r122).

I'd like to be able to specify a revision and diff with it, like it's already possible with SVN. For example, I'd like to diff my current revision(13222) with revision 13213. Or diff any revision with another, for example r10111 with r10000.

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Revision 2849
Added by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 13 years ago

  • add latest changesets for the current directory when browsing the repository and a link to the full log
  • ability to diff a directory (#3575)


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You can do this from a file changes list. Eg:

Choose the 2 revisions you want to diff with the radio buttons on the left and click 'View differences' at the bottom.

#2 Updated by Tom Rochette about 13 years ago

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I probably have expressed myself incorrectly. What I actually want to do is to diff a complete tree structure from a revision to another, at certain directory level. The result should look pretty much like what you would get from doing

svn diff -r 100:HEAD . --summarize

in SVN.

Similar idea can be found in Trac @ http://trac.edgewall.org/diff?new_path=%2F&old_path=%2F&new_rev=&old_rev= and

#3 Updated by dale woolridge about 13 years ago

I agree with Tom that this is an important feature that redmine is lacking when compared with trac. It's pretty much the only thing holding us up from moving over to redmine. Our point releases involve many changesets/revisions across a number of tickets and we do a final security review of the all the changes near the end of our QA cycle.

What would be ideal would be output something like r2824 but for a range of revisions (i.e. between r2813 and r2824, show all commit messages, related issues and the files tree) for a given context (i.e. repository reference relative to root since we don't want to see changesets/revisions that did not occur under a particular node).

#4 Updated by Felix Schäfer almost 13 years ago

+1 on that one :-)

#5 Updated by Babar O'Cap almost 13 years ago

+1 with Git support

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Tom Rochette wrote:

The result should look pretty much like what you would get from doing

svn diff -r 100:HEAD . --summarize

in SVN.

Here the equivalent Git command :

git --git-dir "path/redmine.git" diff --name-status a4d7a03b142889510c910cfb983a818f61653c11 HEAD

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