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Changing an Open Issue Status Breaks Page Format

Added by Ollie Sharratt about 1 month ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Resolution:Invalid Affected version:5.0.1


In Firefox, if I edit an open issue and change the status the page seems to break entirely.
This does not seem to occur in Edge.

The log initially shows nothing of interest (to me!):

I, [2022-05-20T14:42:30.194292 #2375998] INFO -- : [b4ffd2ed-0912-4965-98b1-09637d4341e4] Started PATCH "/redmine/issues/10330/edit.js" for at 2022-05-20 14:42:30 +0100
I, [2022-05-20T14:42:30.195331 #2375998] INFO -- : [b4ffd2ed-0912-4965-98b1-09637d4341e4] Processing by IssuesController#edit as JS
I, [2022-05-20T14:42:30.195542 #2375998] INFO -- : [b4ffd2ed-0912-4965-98b1-09637d4341e4] Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓", "authenticity_token"=>"Q+m2eSrgAjiZ0ktK8jntWNLndBcVcQ9cjKGSLYkidTTYQnn/mRcaY6QcT4atuCIRV+QW7tgmYLxjtgw+fLRGFA==", "form_update_triggered_by"=>"issue_status_id", "issue"=>{"project_id"=>"4", "tracker_id"=>"11", "subject"=>"Issue subject", "description"=>"Issue description", "status_id"=>"2", "priority_id"=>"2", "assigned_to_id"=>"38", "category_id"=>"15", "parent_issue_id"=>"", "notes"=>"", "private_notes"=>"0", "lock_version"=>"1"}, "was_default_status"=>"1", "time_entry"=>{"hours"=>"", "activity_id"=>"", "comments"=>""}, "last_journal_id"=>"", "next_issue_id"=>"10306", "issue_position"=>"1", "issue_count"=>"9", "id"=>"10330"}
I, [2022-05-20T14:42:30.217537 #2375998] INFO -- : [b4ffd2ed-0912-4965-98b1-09637d4341e4] Current user: ollie.sharratt (id=38)
I, [2022-05-20T14:42:30.277797 #2375998] INFO -- : [b4ffd2ed-0912-4965-98b1-09637d4341e4] Rendered issues/edit.js.erb (Duration: 27.7ms | Allocations: 13482)
I, [2022-05-20T14:42:30.278277 #2375998] INFO -- : [b4ffd2ed-0912-4965-98b1-09637d4341e4] Completed 200 OK in 83ms (Views: 23.8ms | ActiveRecord: 30.5ms | Allocations: 24338)

But if I then update the status again:
I, [2022-05-20T14:45:32.937815 #2375998] INFO -- : [67ff53ed-4bdb-4e13-88d7-b6a8beea8399] Started POST "/redmine/issues/10330/edit.js" for at 2022-05-20 14:45:32 +0100
F, [2022-05-20T14:45:32.939266 #2375998] FATAL -- : [67ff53ed-4bdb-4e13-88d7-b6a8beea8399]
[67ff53ed-4bdb-4e13-88d7-b6a8beea8399] ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [POST] "/issues/10330/edit.js"):

This has happened on any ticket I attempt to update. Image attached shows the problem in action.

Error.png (23.9 KB) Ollie Sharratt, 2022-05-20 15:47


#1 Updated by Ollie Sharratt about 1 month ago

Little more info:

  • MySQL 8.0.29 for Linux on x86_64
  • Debian 11.3
  • Ruby 2.7.4
  • Rails 6.1.6
  • No plugins

#2 Updated by Ollie Sharratt about 1 month ago

  • Status changed from New to Resolved

Turns out this was an issue with firefox, tried 3/4 different PC's and could only find the issue on one. Once firefox was reinstalled it stopped happening.

#3 Updated by Marius BALTEANU about 1 month ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed
  • Resolution set to Invalid

Thanks for feedback.

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