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23:14 Redmine Defect #35416 (Closed): Problem with response time when creating a issue and answering it.
23:12 Redmine Patch #35372: Better presentation for 2FA recovery codes
Go Maeda, do you see any problem if we deliver this in version:4.2.2? Being an improvement of a new feature of versio...


17:53 Redmine Feature #29824: Add user initials as a Gravatar icon fallback
Thanks Felix for your proposal, please see below my thoughts.
Felix Schäfer wrote:
> We would be interested in s...


01:20 Redmine Defect #35174 (Closed): Internal Error when accessing the home page of some projects
Ingo Linde wrote:
> Same issue occured here after upgrading to 4.2.1. After removing the orphaned member from the da...
01:15 Redmine Defect #35002 (Closed): Fix MS SQL on Rails 6.1
Version 6.1.0 with support for Rails 6.1 was released 4 days ago:
01:11 Redmine Revision 21029: Update activerecord-sqlserver-adapter gem to 6.1.0 (#29914, #35002).
01:01 Redmine Defect #34856: Time entry error on private issue
Also, I've added an extra condition to allow this only when the previous assignee is the current user (@issue.previou...
00:59 Redmine Defect #34856: Time entry error on private issue
I've updated the proposed patch to fix the test (it failed in my environment) and to fix the Rubocop warnings.


23:36 Redmine Patch #34643: Cleanups and fixes after Wiki tab removal from project settings (#26579)
Should we add a message to the delete confirmation message to inform the user that deleting the root wiki will disabl...
23:16 Redmine Defect #35134 (Needs feedback): Change total spent time link to global time entries
Indeed, giving link to @time_entries@ instead @projects/:id/time_entries@ fixes this, but with a downside, the user c...

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