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21:17 Redmine Feature #13919: Mention user on comment/description using @user with autocomplete
I've updated the patch in order to:
# ignore the users mentioned in quoted text or pre tags.
# add in the email tem...
20:15 Redmine Defect #32774: Creating time tracking entry for other user through rest API fails with 403
Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:
> I've reverted the change and will work on another fix.
> We should not respond with 403...
18:14 Redmine Feature #17460: MySQL 5.7 support
Toshi MARUYAMA wrote:
> Marius BALTEANU wrote:
> > Even if the problem with deadlocks still exists on MySQL 5.7, I ...
16:08 Redmine Feature #33256: Show wiki toolbar for spent time custom fields with text formatting enabled
Go MAEDA wrote:
> Thank you for submitting the patch, but I found an issue that the Preview tab always displays "und...
13:48 Redmine Feature #33153: UI feature to quickly change issue status
I have added a new proposal based on #33254.
pasquale [:dedalus] wrote:
> Have you evalueted the jira edit approa...
13:29 Redmine Feature #33254: Show open/closed status in Issue pages
I like the idea!
What do you think if we combine this with #33153 and show the status as a dropdown badge with a q...
13:27 Redmine Feature #29470: Possibility to mark tracker as "Subtask only"
Updated again to apply cleanly.
12:57 Redmine Patch #31505: Mark edited journal notes as "Edited"
New version to apply cleanly.
12:51 Redmine Patch #32424: CommonMark Markdown Text Formatting
Jens Krämer wrote:
> Well Gitlab is a hosted platform with paying customers, so they had to be extra careful. I don'...
12:20 Redmine Patch #29830: Issue CSV export options: checkboxes have no effect for columns activated in query
If #33211 is implemented, this change will no longer be required.

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