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Daily Digest option for Mail Notifications

Added by Neil Rodrigues over 15 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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We tend to have a lot of issues when using Redmine, and mail notifications are set to notify on everything. It would
be great for users to have the option to have a Daily Digest rather than immediate notification.

A Daily Digest is essentially an e-mail containing everything the Activity link shows, but is sent out only once daily.

However, if an issue is Assigned to someone, or if someone requests a Watch notification, those e-mails should always
be sent immediately, regardless of Daily Digest status.

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#1 Updated by Vincent de Lau over 13 years ago

I created a duplicate issue: #3412.

As an addition to this issue, I think it should be configurable how frequent you receive a digest (hourly, daily, weekly).

I also think is a good idea to group changes by issue. That way you can quickly see what happened with an issue.

#2 Updated by Brad Mace over 13 years ago

Even better would be if you could set most things to be included in digest, but have certain things, like when a new high-priority issue is submitted, be sent immediately.

#3 Updated by Marc Dworkin over 13 years ago

This would be a very useful feature. Perhaps notification settings could be more finely associated with worklow transitions

#4 Updated by Luiz Carlos Junior over 13 years ago

Although all comments seem to be interesting, it would make a great difference if Redmine just provides an user option to receive a simple daily digest e-mail per project.

In the first version, I think it would be enough if this e-mail contained just a list of all changed issues with its number and subject (and a link). Since Redmine logs all changes, if one user is interested in a certain issue he could easily click on the link and see the latest changes.

#5 Updated by kardan brueckenschlaeger over 13 years ago

+1 on this issue and note:4

#6 Updated by Mike Johnson over 12 years ago

I agree with Kardan: +1 on this issue and note:4

#8 Updated by Josh Weatherly over 12 years ago


Is anyone working on implementing something like this?

#9 Updated by Aaron Steiner over 12 years ago


I am trying to convince people at work to start using Redmine for tracking our various projects but the barrage of emails generated by just a few developers will be a major impediment.

#10 Updated by Terence Mill about 12 years ago


#11 Updated by Res Gilgen about 12 years ago


#12 Updated by Terence Mill about 12 years ago

Best would be to offer some time based rules, like daily at 8.00 pm , weekly every thursday at 3 am, every 3 days at 10 pm, immidiately..

..and some content based rules, like, a lists of all items with short deccription (only topic and link), or the whole ticket description plus the changes..

#13 Updated by Ladislav Nesnera about 12 years ago


#14 Updated by jnns . about 12 years ago


#16 Updated by Joakim Lundberg almost 12 years ago

A big vote for this one, and agreeing with Luiz Carlos, the first step could be a very simple (digest or not digest and the only digest is once a day option), then of course all the other features are nice but to get going just a simple digest mode would be very handy.

#17 Updated by Deon Joubert over 11 years ago


I like the idea too!

#18 Updated by Terence Mill over 11 years ago

dupe of #8241

#19 Updated by Laurent DELAGE over 11 years ago

+ 1

#20 Updated by Drew Keller over 11 years ago

I ran a digest task on my Trac projects for the last 5 years using a script I found and highly modified. Now that I'm switching to Redmine, I went looking for something similar.

Seems like enough interest that a plugin should exist already. Well, now it does: http://www.redmine.org/plugins/digest

I had not written (or read) a lick of Ruby code until last week, so improvement patches are definitely welcome.

#21 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 9 years ago

  • Description updated (diff)
  • Category set to Email notifications

#22 Updated by Alessandro Nunes over 9 years ago

+ 1

#23 Updated by Carsten van Raalten over 9 years ago


#24 Updated by Florian S. over 9 years ago

+ 1
Great idea!

#25 Updated by Carsten van Raalten over 9 years ago

Please also take a look at this solution/plugin. Instead of daily digests this plugin has more intelligence to notify you of 'issue-risks' up front.


#26 Updated by Viktor Berke almost 9 years ago

From what I've seen the available plugins are either of poor quality or simply incompatible, etc. So I decided to do it on my own. Unfortunately (?) I'm no Ruby expert so I just wrote some shell scripts to query the data directly from the DB. Here it is:


#27 Updated by Thomas Laguzzi about 7 years ago

+1 , would be very welcome!

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