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Issues - Description preview on hover

Added by alten benelux almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 13 years ago.

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It would be very handy to be able to preview the description of an issue without having to actually open it.
I was thinking of something like the 'white popups' on the planning-calendar.

The details are subject to discussion :
  • a new available column with a preview button/icon or something (that would show on 'roll-over')
  • or this same behavior but on the title (with a setting to activate it ?)

Could be on the 'My Page' too.
Could be more than just the description, although the other fields are already available...


#1 Updated by alten benelux almost 13 years ago

I'm willing to help on this. I have only little knowledge on ruby on rails, but it'll keep me busy during the holidays! :p
How should I proceed ?

  1. Wait for your validation / comments
  2. Get the sources from gits, code until I get something working well.
  3. Submit a patch ? (not a plugin for this I suppose...)
  4. Adapt following your feedback
  5. Wait for it to be released :)

Would that be a normal course of action ?

#3 Updated by alten benelux almost 13 years ago

Ok, their tooltip looks nice indeed.
What do you suggest I do ? Wait for them to release it to redmine core or try to make a patch based on this theme ?

#4 Updated by Kamil . almost 13 years ago

Patch would be more straightforward I think...

#5 Updated by Eric Davis almost 13 years ago

Andrew Chaika wrote:

Code: http://github.com/edavis10/redmine_shane_and_peter_design (not working with current redmine)

This branch should work with a stock trunk Redmine. We will be testing and releasing once 0.9 final is out.

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