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Make destination folder for attachment uploads configurable

Added by Drazen Baic almost 13 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Would it be possible to change app/models/attachment.rb in such a way, that the destination folder can be configured? Currently it is defined as

@@storage_path = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/files" 

This would be reasonable in Redmine deployments where one uses jruby and Redmine created as a JavaWebArchive with a Java application-server like Apache Tomcat. In this case the destination folder for the attachment uploads is a subfolder under $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/redmine.war/WEB-INF/files. The problem with this is that the uploaded files would disappear after deploying a new version of Redmine unless one copies the files to the #{RAILS_ROOT}/files directory before creating the WAR file.

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#1 Updated by Vinod Singh almost 13 years ago


IMO having a separate directory for each project would be good. Our Redmine instance has > 5,000 attachment, which is increasing rapidly. Having so many files in single directory may become a probelm.

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Closed as a duplicate of #1236.

#3 Updated by vik pro over 10 years ago

def diskfile
path = "#{self.storage_path}/#{self.project.identifier}/#{self.disk_filename}"
path_dir = "#{self.storage_path}/#{self.project.identifier}"
Dir.mkdir(path_dir) unless File.directory?(path_dir)


Make like that. in attachment.rb in app/model/

in configuration faile you can channge atchment_storage_path to you folder(example nfs on NAS) and all attachmet must be in one place on NAS

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