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"Status can't be blank" on Issues page (After Upgrade)

Added by Chris Geoghegan almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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Resolution:Invalid Affected version:0.9.2


The very first time you load the Issues tab of a project (after upgrading from 0.8.7 to 0.9.2) it works, but any time after that you receive the error "Status can't be blank". Status is selected and set to open though, so as soon as you click "Apply" the issues load as they should.

This is the environment:

MySQL 5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.5
Ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24 patchlevel 111) [x86_64-linux]
Rails 2.3.5
Redmine 0.9.2 (
SVN 1.4.6 (r28521)

This is the request that is resulting in the error:
Processing IssuesController#index (for at 2010-02-26 17:52:33) [GET]
Parameters: {"project_id"=>"godelta", "action"=>"index", "controller"=>"issues"}
Rendering template within layouts/base
Rendering issues/index.rhtml
Completed in 196ms (View: 152, DB: 0) | 200 OK []

There is no corresponding error in error.log

screenshot.tiff (33.7 KB) Chris Geoghegan, 2010-02-26 19:09

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#1 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 13 years ago

I'm not able to reproduce with a fresh 0.9.2.

#2 Updated by Chris Geoghegan almost 13 years ago

Yeah, I think it might be an issue specifically with upgrading from 0.8.7 to 0.9.2. After doing a little more testing it appears that if I create a custom query then select that. The error dissappears. I can browse away and browse back and there is no error.

However, as soon as I click "Clear" underneath the filters, then browse away to another page, and then back again, the error comes back. It's as though it's not remembering that the default should be "Status is Open".

#3 Updated by Norbert Strappler almost 13 years ago

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#4 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 13 years ago

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I'm sorry but I can't reproduce even when upgrading a 0.8.7 to 0.9.2.
Did you make any change to the code?
Make sure to test with a fresh 0.9.2 code without any plugins.

#5 Updated by Chris Geoghegan almost 13 years ago

It has been tested with fresh 0.9.2 without any plugins. But the database is not new. If I test it with a fresh database it works as it should. It's specifically an issue with the database we're using that we've upgraded from 0.8.7 to 0.9.2.


#6 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 13 years ago

What do you get if you test with the fresh 0.9.2 without plugins and your upgraded database?

#7 Updated by Jim Mulholland almost 13 years ago

We are getting the same error. The error appears to be coming from the else clause on line 530 of the "retrieve_query" method in the issues_controller:

@query ||= => "_", :project => @project, :filters => session[:query][:filters], :group_by => session[:query][:group_by], :column_names => session[:query][:column_names])

where our "session[:query]" looks like this:

{:column_names=>nil, :project_id=>39, :filters=>{"status_id"=>{"operator"=>"o", "values"=>[""]}}, :group_by=>nil}

We also upgraded from a 0.8.x version to 0.9.2 when we started seeing this issue.

#8 Updated by Alexander Eriomenko over 12 years ago

in my case deleting redmine_harvest plugin fixes that error

#9 Updated by Chris Geoghegan over 12 years ago

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I'm marking this as resolved because I believe it is an issue with the redmine_harvest plugin. A clean upgrade without the module present resolves the issue.

#10 Updated by Jim Mulholland over 12 years ago

Good to know. I'll checkout my plugin to see what the deal is.


#11 Updated by Chris Geoghegan over 12 years ago

Thanks Jim! Please do up here again when it's fixed as I am sure there are others having this issue who would also like to use it.

#12 Updated by Jean-Baptiste Barth over 12 years ago

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Closing since it seems to be a plugin issue

#13 Updated by poornima dhanasekaran almost 10 years ago

Hi everyone,

I tried "@query ||= => "_", :filters =>{"status_id"=>{"operator"=>"*"}, "tracker_id"=>{"operator"=>"="}} , :group_by => session[:query][:group_by], :column_names => session[:query][:column_names])" in queries_helper.rb for changing my session[:query][:filters]. I tried with this but getting "status can't be blank & tracker can't be blank" validation error. I didn't use the redmine_harvest plugin and gem too. Can anyone help me out?.


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