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Custom SQL Queries

Added by Pascal Schoenhardt over 13 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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Hi everyone,

Redmine's query interface is great, but sometimes there are queries that aren't possible using just the query builder. It would be cool if one had the option of either using the query builder or typing in SQL manually. The custom query would have to return only the set of issue IDs, which Redmine could then use to fetch all additional information it needs to properly display the result set in the usual way.

It would probably be possible to support the regular query builder on top of the custom query. For example, the custom query is used internally to create a view, and then the query builder is applied to the view, rather than the issues table.

Just a thought. It would certainly add a lot of flexibility for power-users, and they wouldn't have to constantly pester you for specific filter-related features.

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Updated by Bob Bottle about 13 years ago


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Updated by Chris Magowan over 12 years ago

that ould be great!
i have just implemented redmine in my project, but relaised that we cannot easily make custom reports. for instance, we would like a report that brings up all calls that were closed in teh past month. currently this is not possible (as far as i can see!).

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Updated by Alan Trick over 12 years ago

I've written a plugin that provides this functionality. It's not great but it works:

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Updated by Dietrich Streifert almost 12 years ago

Alan Trick wrote:

I've written a plugin that provides this functionality. It's not great but it works:

Hi Alan! Any hints on how to use the plugin? I've failed with a simple sql query with the error message "wrong number of arguments (1 for 2)".

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Updated by txemi M about 11 years ago


I would love this plugin in mainstream.

I frequently need queries that cannot be done from UI.


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