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Branch level associations between projects and repositories.

Added by Jeffrey Jones over 12 years ago.

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I am in a situation where I have two versions of one piece of software.

One is a version that is used in production and another is a version that is used for presentation purposes.

Currently I have one parent project for the software with two sub-projects for issues etc.

- Production Version
- Demo Version

I also, in my git (although this would be the same for svn and others I guess) two branches. the master branch is for production and the demo branch is for the presentation / demo version.

Currently in my setup I have the whole repository associated with the parent project.

My Application -----------------------> SOFTWARE REPOSITORY git
- Production Version
- Demo Version

What I would love to be able to do is change is to that I can associated the sub-projects with individual branches in my repositories, for example.

My Application
- Production Version ----------------> SOFTWARE REPOSITORY git master branch (svn trunk)
- Demo Version ----------------------> SOFTWARE REPOSITORY git demo branch (an svn branch)

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