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Allow for multiple useraccounts with same email address

Added by Arno Schoenmakers almost 11 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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I am both administrator and worker on several projects. For this I use different user accounts. However, I cannot set the email addresses equal (Redmine does not allow that). Can that be changed? Fine to have a warning if you register as a user with an already used email account, but leave it up to the user to accept that or not. That would solve my problem.

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#1 Updated by Etienne Massip almost 11 years ago

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#2 Updated by Felix Schäfer almost 11 years ago

Not sure this is feasible as certain parts of Redmine recognize users based on their mail address, especially when Redmine receives mails.

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Assuming your email address is john@doe.com, maybe you could try to use john+redmineadmin@doe.com for your admin account. Many email providers / MTA accept the + as an easy convention to tag your address, and route every mail to the same final box.

Anyway, as Felix said, I think making email addresses not unique would be a bad idea, so I close this issue. Anyway, I'd be curious to have your feedback about this.

#4 Updated by Arno Schoenmakers almost 11 years ago


I tried this, but our mail system apparently isn't fooled by this trick... Too bad.



#5 Updated by Manuel Durán Aguete over 10 years ago


I think that allowing duplicate mail address is a good feature, I need it to assign "" to all support team, and when the developer team updates a issue the notification goes to a common mailbox not only to the reporter.

Best Regards.

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Duplicate of #688, where the discussion is more in-depth
(in case anyone else ends up here after Googling as I did)

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