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Error in copying projects

Added by Luis Serrano Aranda about 11 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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If the copy of a project takes (the project is long) and re-click the copy button, Redmine allows this action and copy two projects with exactly the same characteristics (id and name included).

It would be possible disable the copy button, until the copy is complete or there is a time out ?


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#1 Updated by Luis Serrano Aranda about 11 years ago

Addint a message like Loading... But typing Working...

#2 Updated by Luis Serrano Aranda about 11 years ago

A possible solution is to add this code at the end of prototype.js, disable the button until the task is completed.

var SubmitHelper = {
disableFormsOfPage: function(){
$$('form').each(function(form) {
form.observe('submit', function() {
form.getInputs('submit').each(function(submit) {
if (!submit.readAttribute("no_disabled")){
init: function(){
Event.observe(window, 'load', SubmitHelper.disableFormsOfPage.bindAsEventListener())


#3 Updated by Luis Serrano Aranda about 11 years ago

This a workaround, but not solve the concurrently, the backward...

I think it's better write a flag in the server (to not copy a project concurrently)

#4 Updated by Masamitsu Murase almost 11 years ago

I think that this workaround does not work when an user select "Create and continue" button,
because "continue" parameter is not sent to the server if "Create and continue" is disabled.


  if (!submit.readAttribute("no_disabled")){

should be
  if (!submit.readAttribute("no_disabled")){
    setTimeout(function(){ submit.disable(); }, 0);

Please refer to my plugin.
(This plugin works on only "Issue" page currently...)


#5 Updated by Go MAEDA almost 4 years ago

#6 Updated by Go MAEDA almost 4 years ago

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It will be fixed in Redmine 4.0.0. Rails 5 automatically disables submit buttons while executing an action. See also:

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