Defect #9887

Custom fields are not defaulted when issue is moved to a different project

Added by Alex Kovshovik about 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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Category:Custom fields
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Resolution: Affected version:1.3.0


Environment information
  • MySQL Server 5.1;
  • Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.8.7;
  • Rails 2.3.14;

Short defect description

When an issue is moved from one project to another, the default value is not set for the custom field defined in the target project.

Longer defect description and example

We have 2 projects: Support and Development. In "Development" project we have a custom field of drop-down type: "Deployment Type" (with 2 options: "Normal" and "Hot Patch"). It is a required field, but it is configured with the default value of "Normal".

"Support" project doesn't have this custom field, so when I move an issue from "Support" to "Development" I assume that the value of "Deployment Type" would be defaulted to "Normal", but it instead gives me an error: "Failed to save 1 issue(s) on 1 selected: #NNNN."

After I made "Deployment Type" field optional I was able to move that issue.


#1 Updated by Terence Mill almost 11 years ago

Please fix or already fixed with #10605?

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