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35608RedmineDefectNewActionView::Template::Error2021-07-26 15:18
35606RedmineDefectNewLocked users should not be displayed in the members box of the project overview page2021-07-26 11:37Projects
35605RedmineDefectNewimage upload error2021-07-26 15:10Files
35589RedmineFeatureNewissue assignee limitation to a group or a role2021-07-21 17:12Issues
35582RedmineDefectNewError: Template::Error (Tried to load unspecified class: ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess)2021-07-19 18:32Administration
35570RedmineFeatureNewDynamically adjustable template options2021-07-16 09:42Themes
35566RedmineFeatureNewoption to display thumbnails above file list in Documents2021-07-15 02:51Attachments
35562RedmineFeatureNewShow warning in admin/info when there are pending migrations2021-07-23 08:52Administration
35560RedmineDefectNewRelations in issue CSV Import appear to be ignored2021-07-13 05:48
35559RedmineFeatureNewQuery links for related issues on issue page2021-07-26 05:16Issues
35558RedmineFeatureNewAdd button "Send notification again"2021-07-12 19:15Email notifications
35557RedmineDefectConfirmedFix position when rendering custom field enumerations2021-07-13 10:09Custom fields
35545RedmineDefectNewFix css class assignment in issue custom field rendering in show view2021-07-14 10:31Issues
35536RedminePatchNewUse webpack to improve javascripts and stylesheets management2021-07-06 12:06
35534RedmineDefectNewAfter updating from version 3.3.2 to 4.1.1 Gantt chart has broken2021-07-09 21:03Gantt
35531RedmineDefectNewredmine unexpected undefined local variable or method `project'" for mail handler , did you mean project_url2021-07-13 10:31Email receiving
35471RedmineFeatureNewSplit field_is_private to two labels for correct Russian translation2021-07-01 14:24Translations
35470RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackCreate "New Group" results in HTTP code 5002021-07-13 14:46Groups
35462RedmineFeatureNewDownload all attachments in a journal2021-07-19 04:43Attachments
35456RedmineFeatureNewGroup of Users as Assignable Users per tracker2021-06-24 22:17Issues
35454RedmineDefectNewGantt - Projectbars / (nearly) all Start on 2019-Oct-012021-07-21 16:58Gantt
35450RedminePatchNewFixed an error message when registering an email address for a disallowed email domain2021-06-24 04:00Code cleanup/refactoring
35441RedmineDefectConfirmedInline image in Textile is not displayed if the image URL contains ampersands2021-07-24 09:17Text formatting
35439RedmineFeatureNewOption to require 2FA only for users with administration rights2021-06-23 10:34Accounts / authentication
35435RedmineDefectResolvedPsych 4: aliases in database.yml cause Psych::BadAlias exception2021-07-04 08:09Gems support

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