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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
35464RedmineFeatureNewLIBERAÇÃO DE USUÁRIO2021-06-25 14:21Activity view
35462RedmineFeatureNewDownload all attachments in a journal2021-06-25 03:51Attachments
35456RedmineFeatureNewGroup of Users as Assignable Users per tracker2021-06-24 22:17Issues
35455RedmineDefectNewRequire redmine/sort_criteria globally2021-06-25 04:56Plugin API
35454RedmineDefectNewGantt - Projectbars / (nearly) all Start on 2019-Oct-012021-06-24 14:22Gantt
35450RedminePatchNewFixed an error message when registering an email address for a disallowed email domain2021-06-24 04:00Code cleanup/refactoring
35441RedmineDefectConfirmedinclude image without extension failed in redmine 4.22021-06-25 10:53Text formatting
35439RedmineFeatureNewOption to require 2FA only for users with administration rights2021-06-23 10:34Accounts / authentication
35435RedminePatchNewPsych 4 support2021-06-22 14:33Gems support
35432RedmineFeatureNewView annotate prior to the change2021-06-22 10:01SCM
35431RedmineDefectNewsend notifications to user selected from costum field (user type)2021-06-22 09:43Email notifications
35430RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackInternal error when viewing revisions diff2021-06-23 00:24SCM
35429RedmineFeatureNewTicket assignement only to groups not to single users2021-06-22 03:33Issues
35422RedmineFeatureNewMake timeline in Gantt chart sticky2021-06-17 11:22Gantt
35421RedmineDefectNewUnhandled exception when a YAML syntax error is detected in configuration.yml2021-06-22 11:01Administration
35415RedmineFeatureNewUnified plugin api esp. regarding patches2021-06-14 08:41Plugin API
35400RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackThe default version setting is invalid2021-06-14 11:35Project settings
35388RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackSearch filters in top bar2021-06-24 02:31Search engine
35382RedmineDefectNewCopy Project Tracker and Tasks and relations 2021-06-09 15:39
35375RedminePatchNewGerman translation of wiki syntax help file2021-06-10 10:19Documentation
35374RedminePatchNewReduce amount of work on projects show API2021-06-25 04:34Performance
35373RedminePatchNewImprove project deletion warning text2021-06-20 09:07UI
35365RedmineFeatureNewAllow sending account information to the user when importing users2021-06-22 04:17Importers
35362RedmineFeatureNewIssues list2021-06-06 15:13Issues list
35359RedmineDefectNewassignee dropdown list ascending order2021-06-05 13:02Filters

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