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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category version2020-08-10 12:41Website (
33834RedmineFeatureNewShow open/closed badge in email notifications2020-08-11 08:54Email notifications
33833RedmineDefectNewОшибка 404 при переходе в личный кабинет2020-08-10 09:04Accounts / authentication
33832RedmineFeatureNewMove the "Private" badge next to the "Open/Closed" badge2020-08-10 07:50Issues
33829RedmineDefectNewTags "updated" in issues atom are "created on"2020-08-08 17:28Issues list
33827RedmineDefectNewDelete API for Moderator2020-08-07 20:16
33826RedmineDefectNewIssue on Windows Photo Viewer2020-08-07 11:13Issues
33820RedmineFeatureNewAuto Complete wiki page links2020-08-12 10:06UI
33819RedmineDefectNewany date can be mentioned in expiration date field2020-08-05 16:05
33803RedmineFeatureNewIssue: Field project should be searchable2020-08-05 12:48Issues
33802RedmineFeatureNewSub task feature without creating a new issue2020-08-04 08:50Issues
33797RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackNeed to resolve download issue on Chrome2020-08-03 09:00Issues
33796RedmineDefectNewError message not be shown even the email field is empty2020-08-02 13:26
33790RedmineDefectNewMy Page Calendar Widget needs Filters2020-07-30 20:01Forums
33789RedmineDefectNewRemove obsolete migration tasks2020-07-30 14:55Importers
33784RedmineFeatureNewUpdating Mercurial helper to work with Python32020-08-08 23:42SCM
33774RedminePatchNewUpdate Russian translation2020-07-29 10:17Translations
33773RedminePatchNewPatches to r19937 with update russian translation2020-07-29 10:02Translations
33769RedminePatchNewWhen creating more than two identical attachments in a single db transaction, the first one always ends up unreadable2020-07-26 10:23Attachments
33762RedmineFeatureNewModification of text for wiki index by title page2020-07-22 11:08UI
33757RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackCannot get Revisions to work or Issues to link to Commits.2020-07-28 18:05Projects
33752RedminePatchNewUploading big files2020-07-27 16:11Attachments
33744RedmineDefectNewREST API does not allow unassigning user2020-07-29 04:19REST API
33733RedmineDefectConfirmedTracker does not work after creating a new project2020-07-15 16:34Projects
33730RedmineFeatureNewAdd new issue links for each version to the version list page2020-07-20 01:37Roadmap

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