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32899RedminePatchNewJavascript error caused by tooltip2020-01-28 01:34UI
32898RedminePatchNewLet's show PDF thumbnails on Windows.2020-01-28 01:32Attachments
32897RedminePatchReopenedRails 6: Pass `case_sensitive: true` option explicitly to the uniqueness validator2020-01-28 10:55Code cleanup/refactoring
32891RedmineDefectNewBookmark link in project jump box2020-01-27 09:58
32889RedmineDefectNewResponsive layout for issue tree and issue relation on issue page is broken2020-01-27 00:28UI - Responsive
32888RedminePatchNewUse stylelint to avoid errors and enforce conventions in CSS files2020-01-26 21:04Code cleanup/refactoring
32885RedminePatchNewRails 6: DEPRECATION WARNING: Single arity template handlers are deprecated2020-01-26 10:07Rails support
32861RedmineDefectNewStrange issue tree after importing subtasks2020-01-27 08:26Issues
32860RedmineDefectNewInvalid links to versions with sharing in project tree2020-01-25 09:39Roadmap
32857RedminePatchNewFix grammatical agreement in translation for "parent issue" in pt and pt-BR2020-01-23 21:38Translations
32856RedmineFeatureNewBar charts in the spent time report2020-01-23 08:43UI
32854RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAccount Creation in Google drive2020-01-22 15:36
32852RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackUpgrading from Redmine v4.0.5 to v4.1.0 gives 2 errors2020-01-22 15:42
32851RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackизменение выбора проекта по умолчанию2020-01-22 15:44Administration
32848RedmineDefectNewMissing log message indicating why "ImageMagick PDF support available (optional)" is unavailable (even with requirements met)2020-01-21 17:13PDF export
32847RedminePatchNewAbility to add custom css classes to body tag2020-01-21 10:44Plugin API
32845RedmineDefectNewNew line codes are not reflected in tables created in textile format.2020-01-27 08:43Text formatting
32844RedmineFeatureNewThe ability to change the 404 not found screen on each site2020-01-20 12:29
32840RedmineDefectNewElement title appears blank2020-01-19 23:01UI
32836RedminePatchNewJapanese translation update (r19430)2020-01-19 05:47Translations
32828RedminePatchNewFix Russian translation in 4.1.02020-01-20 09:10Translations
32821RedmineFeatureNew The ability to disable the distribution of notifications to group members2020-01-16 12:47Email notifications
32818RedmineFeatureNewAdd a system settings for default results display format of project query2020-01-16 10:00Projects
32813RedminePatchNewClean up toggleMultiSelect function2020-01-22 10:59Code cleanup/refactoring
32804RedmineFeatureNewAPI - Include issue count/list in versions and/or filter by issue count2020-01-14 11:13REST API

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