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34805RedmineDefectNewActivity tab in cross-project menu is sometimes broken2021-02-25 17:48UI
34798RedmineFeatureNewShow project tree instead of subprojects in the project selector when you create a new issue 2021-02-24 20:12
34797RedmineFeatureReopenedMake default_assignee available through API2021-02-25 15:29REST API
34794RedminePatchNewAllow newlines and quote characters within mail body delimiters2021-02-24 21:39Email receiving
34790RedmineFeatureNewTrack tickets by branch-name2021-02-23 09:27SCM
34787RedmineFeatureResolvedability to set default value for no_self_notified in config/settings.yml2021-02-25 10:38Email notifications
34778RedmineDefectNewInconsistencies working with workflow permissions2021-02-21 06:02Issues workflow
34774RedmineFeatureNewAdd a filter for 'Start-Date is not in the future'2021-02-19 23:15Issues filter
34773RedmineFeatureNewRedmine should be able to understand ":30" or ":5" in the Estimated time field of issues2021-02-19 21:57Issues
34771RedmineDefectNewCalendar start day doesn't change the calendar in due/start date2021-02-19 21:25Issues
34766RedminePatchNewBetter error message when no API format is recognised2021-02-21 06:02REST API
34764RedmineFeatureNewHighlight single or multiple lines with rouge syntax highlighting2021-02-18 12:21Text formatting
34762RedmineFeatureNewDisplay more detailed error message when attempting to import malformed CSV file2021-02-21 03:31Importers
34743RedmineDefectNewHooks for queries helper2021-02-18 14:19Hook requests
34718RedmineFeatureNewAuto guess file encoding when importing CSV file2021-02-13 09:33Importers
34715RedmineFeatureNewFilter issues by file description2021-02-12 09:31Filters
34714RedmineFeatureNewMove some action links for issues and journals to the dropdown menu2021-02-22 09:38UI
34709RedmineDefectNewNo Images in PDF export of issue list (with option show description)2021-02-11 19:22Issues list
34703RedmineFeatureNewAdd a link to copy the issue URL and issue journal URL to the clipboard2021-02-12 08:24UI
34695RedmineFeatureNewAllow editing the issue description immediately (issue editing form)2021-02-16 14:51Issues
34694RedmineDefectConfirmedCollapse/expand of Gantt chart does not work properly when multiple bars of the same shared version are displayed.2021-02-15 08:55Gantt
34681RedmineDefectNewLDAP test not running on redmine build server2021-02-03 20:43LDAP
34673RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAuthor of ticket still gets update when ticket changed to private2021-02-22 09:55Email notifications
34654RedminePatchNewAccounting for the closing date of the issue when calculating the overdue2021-02-01 05:41Issues planning
34652RedmineDefectNew[Creating Issue] Subject Text Input Field is limit to 502021-02-03 14:04Issues

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