Feature #34981

Updated by Go MAEDA almost 3 years ago

Currently, it is not possible to change the identifier of a project. However, you may want to change the project identifier if, for example, you come up with a better identifier later, or if the purpose of the project changes. 

 The problem with changing the project identifier is that the identifier is used as part of URLs, so links from outside Redmine will be invalid. 

 However, if a person who manages the project (means a member who has "Edit project" permission) system administrator understands and accepts the disadvantages of changing a project identifier, I think there is no problem to allow changing it. In fact, I am sometimes asked by customers how to change a project identifier. 

 My suggestions: 
 * Allow admins to change a project identifier in /projects/<identifier>/settings page 
 * For Display admins, display a warning below the Identifier field on the form (eg: "Changing the identifier will change the URL of this project and may break links using the URL")