Feature #38501

Updated by Go MAEDA 7 months ago

The attached patch adds a new Wiki macro @{{recent_pages}}@ that displays a list of recently updated Wiki pages. 

 The macro displays a list of pages that have been updated within 7 days by default. The range of pages to be displayed can be changed with the @days@ and @limit@ options. And you can add information when the page is updated with the `time` option. 

 {{recent_pages}} -- displays pages updated within the past 7 days 
 {{recent_pages(days=3)}} -- displays pages updated within the past 3 days 
 {{recent_pages(limit=5)}} -- limits the maximum number of pages to display to 5 
 {{recent_pages(time=true)}} -- displays pages updated within the past 5 days with updated time 

 *@{{recent_pages}}@ macro in a Wiki page*: 
 !{width: 400px; border: 1px solid grey;}.clipboard-202304291432-g51x6.png! 

 *Rendered @{{recent_pages}}@ macro*: 
 !{width: 400px; border: 1px solid grey;}.clipboard-202304291432-5woil.png! 

 *One of the useful uses - recently updated pages in Wiki sidebar:* 
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