Defect #38514

Updated by Holger Just 7 months ago

Registration email from triggers the following rspamd symbol: 
  Symbol: HFILTER_HELO_5(3.00) 

 From the headers: 
 Received: from ([]:43352 helo=Ubuntu-2004-focal-64-minimal) 

 I think this HELO Ubuntu-2004-focal-64-minimal is what rspamd takes offense at. It should probably be a FQDN. 
 But TBH I was not able to figure out what exactly the rspamd symbol meant quickly so this might be wrong. 

 See which says 
    These commands are used to identify the SMTP client to the SMTP 
    server.    The argument clause contains the fully-qualified domain name 
    of the SMTP client, if one is available.    In situations in which the 
    SMTP client system does not have a meaningful domain name (e.g., when 
    its address is dynamically allocated and no reverse mapping record is 
    available), the client SHOULD send an address literal (see 
    Section 4.1.3).