Holger Just

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  • Redmine (Contributor, 2018-06-26)


Reported issues: 98


23:06 Redmine Defect #35242 (Closed): Journals are not returned via API
The @include=journals@ parameter is only considered for single issues, e.g. @/issues/123.json?include=journals@.
23:02 Redmine Defect #35248 (Needs feedback): Hard-coded error messages in IssueStatus
The descriptions of those raised exceptions generally do not show up in the user interface. They are either handled b...


12:50 Redmine Defect #35225 (Resolved): Edit issue shows date in MM/DD/YYYY while the rest of the application s...
The edit forms (e.g. the issue edit form) use your browser's built-in interface for date entry. As such, the edit fie...


18:34 Redmine Defect #35186 (Closed): wrong user in version logs
This is not a security issue but is exactly how distributes version control systems (such as git or mercurial) work. ...
18:12 Redmine Defect #35190 (Needs feedback): Missing RAILS_ENV for generate_secret_token rake task
The @generate_secret_token@ rake task does not interact with the database nor the global configuration nor any other ...


10:13 Redmine Wiki edit: Security_Advisories (#52)
Add CVE IDs for the recent vulnerabilities


11:28 Redmine Wiki edit: Security_Advisories (#51)
Add references to assigned CVEs


19:00 Redmine Feature #35063 (Closed): Set values for reminder


20:57 Redmine Patch #30820: Drop setting "Blind carbon copy recipients (bcc)"
If entirely removing the setting is unwanted in 4.3, maybe we can deprecate it there.
That is, we could remove any...


13:54 Redmine Feature #32628: Notify users about high issues (only)
If you have a default priority defined, we assume high priority issues to have any priority higher than the defined d...

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