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15:21 Redmine Feature #35559: Query links for related issues on issue page
Mischa The Evil wrote:
> Just my two cents: I think it makes sense to add this too given that #28471 got integrated....
14:57 Redmine Feature #35589 (Closed): issue assignee limitation to a group or a role
You can already define for each Role whether issues should be assignable to users with that role in a project. Only u...
14:44 Redmine Defect #35534 (Needs feedback): After updating from version 3.3.2 to 4.1.1 Gantt chart has broken
It appears you are using a custom theme which may not be fully compatible with Redmine 4.1.
Please make sure that ...
14:39 Redmine Patch #35612 (Closed): Applied patches from #23894
Redmine does not use GitHub (or git for that matter) for active development. The Subversion repository is the single ...
14:39 Redmine Feature #23894: Expose repository through REST API
Setting this as a candidate for the next major version.


17:00 Redmine Defect #35579 (Closed): Label search for watcher shows all users of all projects when adding an n...
Pan Tau wrote:
> Thx for quick answer and help.
> By reducing the projects step by step and testing afterwards i fi...


19:59 Redmine Defect #35579 (Needs feedback): Label search for watcher shows all users of all projects when add...
Depending on your user's permissions you may be able to see all users or only some users in your Redmine. Basically.,...
18:04 Redmine Defect #35583 (Closed): Error were trying to access "Rol"


14:46 Redmine Defect #35470 (Needs feedback): Create "New Group" results in HTTP code 500
Please also make sure that you have applied all pending database migrations. See [[RedmineUpgrade#Step-4-Update-the-d...


14:11 Redmine Wiki edit: IRC (#11)
Move the official channel from Freenode to Libera.Chat

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