Holger Just

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Reported issues: 114


13:10 Redmine Defect #37128 (Needs feedback): 2FA is not working
Usually, this error points to an issue with the time or timezone on either the server or the client (i.e. your browse...


11:56 Redmine Feature #36938: Update translations of field_principal to User or Group
Thank you Maeda-san.
With the attached patch (which is just an in-place edit of yours from #36938#note-3), I updat...


16:01 Redmine Defect #36892: Redmine does not start when installed --without markdown
I don't think it's a good idea to define the redcarpet gem two times (in the @markdown@ and @commonmark@ groups) as t...


17:39 Redmine Patch #36917 (Reopened): Update Rails to 6.1.6
Rails 6.1.6 was released today.
17:38 Redmine Patch #36918 (Reopened): Update Rails to 5.2.8
Rails 5.2.8 was released today which (among others) fixes a regression of and restores full Ruby 2.2 compatib...


17:14 Redmine Patch #37057: Query optimization for attachments activity
Pavel Rosick√Ĺ wrote:
> nice optimization, I think we could use the same trick on Documents
Technically yes. Howev...


13:04 Redmine Defect #36998: Revert lazy loading of i18n files introduced in Redmine 5.0
I'd rather just revert r21448 unless someone can show a real tangible upside of this diversion between environments (...
12:38 Redmine Wiki edit: Overview (#83)
Replace freenode with libera.chat to match the IRC wiki page, improve formatting of support section
12:35 Redmine Wiki edit: IRC (#12)
Preselect #redmine channel in webchat link
12:30 Redmine Feature #37046 (Closed): How do I make the standard fields to be required
You can use the fields permissions in *Administration* -> *Workflows* -> *Fields Permissions* to require certain fiel...

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