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Reported issues: 129


14:26 Redmine Defect #37981 (Closed): Email on user creation not sent
When creating a new user as an admin, you have tio enable the checkbox "Send account information to the user" at the ...


15:31 Redmine Patch #37938: Unused permission "Mention user"
This appears to be a remaining artifact of the discussion around #13919#note-75. The permission indeed appears to be ...
15:20 Redmine Feature #1739 (Reopened): Add ability to change issue author
Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any actual validation of the passed @author_id@ on the backend. This would...


16:17 Redmine Feature #37878: Allow using ideographic space (U+3000) as a separator for search terms


21:27 Redmine Help: RE: Some notification mails as marked as SPAM because of URI_COUNT_ODD and MISSING_TO rules...
I would consider the @URI_COUNT_ODD@ to be, well, odd :) Trying to fulfill this rule would mean that we add any conve...


17:32 Redmine Feature #37807 (Closed): Allow access to /robots.txt even if logins are required
Right now, if logins are globally required, the @/robots.txt@ path is not accessible for search engines since the @We...


16:57 Redmine Defect #37796 (Closed): No plugins Work on 4.2.x
Unfortunately, this is **way** to little information to do anything about it. Plugins work in Redmine 4.2 in general....


19:03 Redmine Defect #37757 (Closed): Time entry date doesn't respect the Settings given format
This apears to describe the same issue as #23224. As such, I'm closing this as a duplicate.


15:44 Redmine Defect #37635: Respect Role#consider_workflow? when checking for allowed status transitions
I'd require the user argument (rather than allowing a default). Then, this looks good for me.
I have attached an u...


21:05 Redmine Patch #37614: Cleanup app/models/repository/git.rb
The changes should all be equivalent to what's currently there.
As a tiny personal preference though, I'm not a hu...

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