Defect #31838

Updated by Go MAEDA over 4 years ago

In case where wiki link is followed by opening parenthesis, it seems like parsing goes wild. For instance this sequence: 

 One two [[three|The Three]] (four) five. 

 should produce this output: 

 > One two _The Three_ (four) five. 

 but it produces this: 

 > One two _[three|The Three]_ five. 

 It actually acts, as external link, where "four" is the URL, but: 
 * there is a space between last closing square bracket and opening parenthesis (I would understand this behavior when there would be no space), 
 * square brackets are doubled, but external link mode took precedence over wiki link. 

 Currently one needs to escape opening parenthesis with backslash to force parser to see such a sequence as wiki link, not external link. IMO this looks like a glitch.