Redmine 3.4.4, 3.3.6 and 3.2.9 released

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 5 years ago

The first maintenance releases for 2018 are available for download, happy new year!
You can review the changes in the Changelog.

Security: All of these releases include a fix for a remote command execution vulnerability in the Mercurial adapter. Thanks to Yuya Nishihara who reported this issue to the Redmine team. If you are using Mercurial repositories with Redmine, you should update to one of these releases as soon as possible.


Added by Scott Macpherson over 5 years ago

Happy new year everyone! Great to know updates and fixes are still being regularly released for Redmine.

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Added by Jan from Planio over 5 years ago

Happy New Year and thanks to everyone involved in the new releases!

Since they include a critical security fix, we've just updated the Redmine Security Scanner to detect the new versions. It's now also possible to sign up for free daily Redmine security scans via email, so you can stay up to speed with important security fixes and updates.

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Added by Bernhard Rohloff over 5 years ago

Happy new year to all and thanks to all contributors!

It's great to see the new year starts with a bunch of releases, right away. Really awesome!
I'd love to see Redmine's active community growing and thriving in 2018 at least as much as it has in the last year.