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h1. Database Model


h2. Overview

The folllowing
Here is the database model with relations drowned, except those which are implicit.
For example: tables which contains @xxx_type@ xxx_type and @xxx_id@ xxx_id columns will not have an drowned relation.

h2. Model diagram !modelo.png!


h2. Todo

* Add
Later i should add a document explaining explain each field in the model model.
* Add version-information of the here documented Redmine instance

h2. Contributions

Contributions are welcome. Feel
However feel free to pick-up a todo-item or add yours...

h2. References

* message#19470 (Forum-thread dedicated to this wiki-page)
do so.
* "Redmine RailRoaded Model and Controller Diagrams": (Blogpost from Eric Davis about (and providing) "RailRoaded": Redmine (trunk at rev.2029) Controller and Model Diagrams)