HoptoadServer Plugin

This plugin transforms your Redmine into a hub for Rails exception handling, similar to Hoptoad or Exceptional . An issue will be created or updated for every exception which is thrown in your live applications. This plugin acts as a server for the HoptoadNotifier which was written by the guys at Hoptoad.


  • Creates or updates an issue whenever an exception is thrown in your Rails application
  • Includes backtrace, user session, request and environment
  • Includes a link to the source file and line to see where the exception happened
  • Allows backtrace filtering
  • Adds a custom field to issues to count occurences of this exception (for better prioritizing)
  • Adds a custom field to issues to sort/filter/group exceptions by (ruby) error class

Getting the plugin

Please head over to GitHub to fetch the latest version.


Installation is described on the GitHub page as well.




Jan Schulz-Hofen, ROCKET RENTALS