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Redmine Announcements

Adds arbitrary site announcements to redmine.

Root announcements are displayed on every project or even on the login screen if chosen to do so.

Project announcements are only shown within the proj...

By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine Equality Plan

With this plugin for Redmine, we want to put the first!! stone to promote equality in the companies that use this project management software.

And not only gender equality can be visualized with this plugin, you can also use to make visible inequali...

By Adrián Pradilla Pórtoles


Mentions Suggestions

Suggest assignee based on note text.

How does this work?

The first user you mention in a issue comment will be suggested to set as assignee for the current ticket. You can uncheck the box to not change the assignee, otherwise, it will be assi...

By Kevin Porras



Timesheet Filter Autocomplete

This plugins adds a super-powered autocomplete filter to time report filters so that you can filter by user, project and other available fields by simply autocompleting.

By Kevin Porras



Redmine Slack

This plugin allows to send notifications from your Redmine installation to Slack.

It's heavily inspired by Redmine Messenger but supporting only Slack. This way, we can take advantage of a lot of rich features included on Slack.

By Kevin Porras


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