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Redmine Out of Band Auth (2 factor authentication, 2FA)

Redmine plugin that provides Out of Band authentication by email.


  • Check the Enable out of band authentication checkbox on the Administrator > Users > username or My account page.
    • Will send a verification code to the defaul...

By Minoru Maeda




Additionals is a Redmine plugin for customizing Redmine, providing wiki macros and act as a library/function provider for other Redmine plugins.

This plugin is sponsored by AlphaNodes and is the successor of Redmine Tweaks...

By Alexander Meindl


Redmine Serial Number Field

Add a format to be serial number in the specified format as a issue custom field.


  • "Automatic serial number" is available as a format for custom fields for issues.
    • After creating a new custom field, you can not edit the "Regular...

By Minoru Maeda



Enables you to add external items to Redmine issues

By Clairton Rodrigo Heinzen


Redmine Account Lockable

Redmine plugin for locking of account at failed login.


Set the count of allow failed logins in the setting of Redmine administrator.


By Minoru Maeda


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