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Additional Tags

Multilingual Redmine Plugin for adding custom tags to issues and wiki pages.

General features

  • Easy tagging while typing
  • Permissions for adding, editing, viewing issue tags
  • Permission for adding wiki page tags
  • Centralized tag manag...

By Alexander Meindl



MIE Invoice


  • Select multiple projects or a single project.
  • Searches the total work hour by date of each project.
  • Can view the data in a table format.
  • Accepts YEN and converts to YEN, USD and EURO.
  • Provides a simple pdf template input, such...

By Tij Tech



Red Counter

Red Counter plugin

Red Counter is a Redmine plugin for setting up issue-related counters.

Counters may be:

  • Time spent in a particular state (summing time from different states is also supported)
  • Counting occurrences of a state (e.g. h...

By Andrea Valle



Redmine More Previews

Preview various file types in redmine's preview pane. Works for issue attachments, documents module, files module and repositories.

This plugin is designed to work with own plugins. That is plugins for p...

By Stephan Wenzel


Github Pull Requests Tool

A Redmine Plugin that integrates Pull Requests, their statuses, reviewers and targeted branches into Issues. It provides an endpoint to Github Webhooks so that it can track creation and changes on each Pull Request for each repo that has a webhook conf...

By Money Park


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