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Redmine Pro

RedminePro helps you integrate your Zendesk Helpdesk with your Redmine issue tracking clearly and directly. It is the full integration that is missing. RedminePro allows you to:

  • Create a new Zendesk issue and attach it to a Redmine ticket.
  • Sear...

By Beth Wall




Redmine Drive plugin – Cloud file storage with sharing for clients and employees without authorization

  • Files and folders storage
  • Tags and queries
  • Live search
  • File and folder sharing with time limit
  • Issue attachments f...

By Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)




Stopwatch Plugin for Redmine

Minimal plugin that aims to make tracking your time with Redmine much easier.


  • Adds a Log time menu item to the account menu (top right)
  • That link leads to an overlay listing today's time ent...

By Jens Krämer



Redmine Live Relative Time

Little plugin which auto update relative times (1 minute ago) as times go. No more “updated 1 minute ago” confusion after lunch breaks :)

By Ondra Kudlík (Kepi)



Redmine password encrypter

Add password encryption capability to all "textarea" fields in Redmine, like wiki, ticket description, comments.

Encrypting password:

  • In any text area type “PWD-” in a single stroke (without moving cursor or using backspace)
  • The master passw...

By Boris Brodski


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