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h1. Managing projects

h2. Projects list Fields explanation

* *Project:* The project name

* *Description:* A short description of the project

* *Public:* If the icon !/images/true.png! is present, everybody can see this project. Non-public project can be view only by user who was given acces by an administrator of the project.

* *Subprojects:* Indicate the numbers of subprojects connected to this project.

* *Created:* Indicated the date when this project has been created.

* *Archive:* You can archive a project by clicking on this icon !/images/locked.png!. An archived project is no longer visible by users. It can be un-archived (with its original content) by the administrator. When archiving a project, any subproject is also archived.

* *Delete:* This is pure deletion of the project. Contrary to Archive, you can't restore a deleted project. Use it with a clear-mind.

h2. Adding or editing a project

See [[RedmineProjectSettings|Project settings]].