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Eric Davis, 2010-06-28 04:48
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This page described the process for packaging up a new Redmine release.

Stable branches

  1. Checkout the stable branch (e.g. 0.9-stable)
  2. Check that all of this releases' issues have been merged into the stable branch. The Resolved status is used to mark which issues still need to be merged.
  3. Update the locales with rake locales:update
  4. Run the test suite to make sure there are no errors
  5. Checkout trunk again for these next steps
    1. Update the doc/CHANGELOG to list the changes
    2. Check that doc/INSTALL and doc/UPGRADING are correct
    3. Increment the version number, lib/redmine/version.rb
  6. Checkout the stable branch again and merge these updates to it
  7. Freeze the current Rails version
  8. Package up Redmine into a zip and tar.gz. Make sure no private configuration files are included
  9. Create MD5 checksum files for the zip and tar.gz files
  10. Tag the latest code in svn. e.g svn cp svn+ssh:// svn+ssh://
  11. Upload the new release to Rubyforge
  12. Create a release announcement for:
    1. Rubyforge