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Emmanuel Bourgerie, 2011-12-07 11:36
This is my first page on this wiki. Feel free to tell me if I did anything wrong.

Rest Issue journals

Including journals in issue display

As usual, can be done via XML or JSON. Responses examples are provided for XML.

GET /issues/[id].xml?include=journals
GET /issues/[id].json?include=journals


    <project name="Redmine" id="1"/>
    <tracker name="Defect" id="1"/>


    <journals type="array">
        <journal id="1">
            <user name="Jean-Philippe Lang" id="1"/>
            <notes>Fixed in Revision 128</notes>
            <details type="array"/>


        <journal id="10531">
            <user name="efgh efgh" id="7384"/>
            <details type="array">
                <detail property="attr" name="status_id">



This example shows two common journal entries : one with a note (=a comment) and the other with a property value.

Updating an issue