Jesse Wolfe

  • Registered on: 2008-02-03


Reported issues: 3


18:33 Redmine Feature #527 (Closed): Edit/Delete notes on issues
Is there a way to edit or delete notes on an issue? It doesn't seem to be exposed in the UI.
18:24 Redmine Defect #171 (Closed): redmine Administrators are not granted manager powers over bugs
redmine administrators seem to be granted full access to all parts of the system, with the exception of Issue Trackin...
18:20 Redmine Defect #170 (Closed): "Change issue status" permission doesn't work for non-member accounts
Even when the non-member role is granted "change issue status" permission, the UI does not give non-member
users the ...
18:11 Redmine Feature #302: Enhance project parent/child relationship

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