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12:58 Redmine Feature #18266 (New): Precedes relation as new screen same as that appears for subtask creation
We have a requirement that while we add a new issue, we should be able to add its followers [whom the curre...
09:18 Redmine Feature #18263 (Closed): Group in issue list should provide no. of estimated time vs spent time b...
Currently if, we group issues list, shows the no. of issues per group.
But the information seems insuffi...


12:26 Redmine Feature #18255 (Closed): Where can i get a guide document for Redmine code?
Hello All,
I have been using Redmine since few months, and must tell, it is a fantastic tool to work with.
09:15 Redmine Feature #18253 (New): Multiple level of grouping & sorting in Issue List
Currently redmine provides only one level of grouping while viewing issue list, but many times we require m...


07:27 Redmine Feature #14099: Filter delayed issue
07:08 Redmine Feature #17582: advanced awesome calculated computed custom fields


06:56 Redmine Feature #408: Assign a task to multiple users
06:52 Redmine Feature #16479: Facility needed to create multiple grouping for Custom Queries
06:47 Redmine Feature #17582: advanced awesome calculated computed custom fields


06:12 Redmine Feature #18084 (Closed): Get list of all issues in which user has entered Log time
Redmine provides feature that we can enter log time for tasks assigned to someone else too, example, if one...

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