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14:19 Redmine Plugins: RE: Extra query operators plugin
German translation attached - and, by the way, thanks a lot for this important feature!


08:43 Redmine Feature #2389: Standard and custom issue fields should have a description/tooltip
The 30-chars-Input is sometimes just not enough to explain the meaning of the field. Another point is that you ...


13:26 Redmine Feature #3463: Export all wiki pages to PDF
Christian Raschko made the DocPu-Plugin, which makes this IMHO obsolete:
13:24 Redmine Feature #401 (Resolved): Add pdf export for WIKI page
Solved by the wonderful DocPu-Plugin:


14:53 Redmine Feature #1138: Issue templates
We could use this as some kind of "checklist" for certain trackers, making sure that one doesn't forget important...


23:07 Redmine Feature #2313: Creating Issues from template
Pavel, did I understand you right that you already have coded a solution that takes wiki pages as a template for new ...


22:23 Redmine Feature #3543: Improve 'long text' custom fields
+1 for us, this feature would be really helpful

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