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12:02 Redmine Feature #4992 (New): Add printer friendly version of pages
Add "printer" button to switch printable version of page - page without menu bar and side bar, and project name at to... Evgeny Ushkalov


07:14 Redmine Feature #4929 (New): add issue report feature to roadmap version
Or add version filter to issue report. Evgeny Ushkalov
07:10 Redmine Feature #4928 (Closed): Add secondary page column with "non-versioned issues"
Evgeny Ushkalov
07:07 Redmine Feature #4927 (Closed): Add "Issue delegating" permission to control of change "Assigned to" field of issue
Evgeny Ushkalov
07:05 Redmine Defect #4926 (Closed): User without Project: Version Control and Issue Edit permissions can change Version and Date field of the issue.
Evgeny Ushkalov
06:59 Redmine Defect #4925 (Closed): Too big space in issue editor
Evgeny Ushkalov


23:31 Redmine Defect #4865: Trim project name above 30 chars
Not only Project name.
Document categories, trackers and all other editable fields.
I think that is Unicode string ...
Evgeny Ushkalov
23:18 Redmine Feature #4868 (New): Ability to add permissions to Document categories
Many projects requres to using documents that not accesible for all members.
The workarround it is using subrojects,...
Evgeny Ushkalov

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