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08:24 Redmine Feature #12013 (New): +1 button
Redmine community is so keen on commenting issues with a "+1" that I don't know how we've lived so far without a "+1 ...


11:11 Redmine Defect #10494 (Closed): Update to the issue status from a revision is applied days after the commit
The state of the issue did not change immediatly after having commited a change in the repository stating that the is...


12:09 Redmine Patch #10449: Operations with issues: Rename caption "copy" ;use "copy to" instead
Hi Etienne,
#3055 is the only issue I see related to this in the roadmap for version 1.4.0.
However, from the descr...
08:02 Redmine Patch #10449 (Closed): Operations with issues: Rename caption "copy" ;use "copy to" instead
This is really a minor issue. However, everytime I explain how to use Redmine people ask the same question:
07:12 Redmine Plugins: RE: Webdav plugin
Thanks Arnaud
we'll change that.


10:30 Redmine Plugins: Problems with Redmine 1.3.1 and plugin version 0.3.0
Hi Arnaud, we continue to use your plugin year after year without any problem. Thanks.
The other day however, we u...


10:00 Redmine Feature #461: Support bulk updating of custom fields
I spent sometime reading this closed issue until I realised that it was only for issue specific custom fields.
07:46 Redmine Development: RE: Automatic version for subtasks (issues #9875, #9972)
Agreed. This default behaviour is annoying.


08:29 Redmine Feature #779: Multiple SCM per project
I'm more in favour of the solution proposed in #9703
I think that it is more flexible and would solve two pro...
08:27 Redmine Feature #9703: Define repositories independently from projects
I like the idea very much. It would make our life simpler and more flexible.
Mainly because our problem is not that ...

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