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22:38 Redmine Feature #592 (New): User Wiki Page
It would be nice to allow each user to have their own wiki page(s) that would be accessed when you view the user acco... David Petersen
16:30 Redmine Feature #381: general wiki for the whole site
It almost seems like making "redmine" a "master
root" project with all the real project in redmine as subproject
of i...
David Petersen
15:57 Redmine Defect #208 (Closed): Issue list does not scroll up when you click next.
When you are on a page listing issues and there are more then 1 page if you scroll down the bottom and click the next... David Petersen


15:43 Redmine Feature #393 (Closed): Role that can't assign a ticket
If you are giving clients access to redmine you really don't want them submitting tickets and assigning them to devel... David Petersen
15:40 Redmine Feature #368: Accept related issues from other projects
This a major requirement for my company to switch from Mantis
to RedMine is to be able to relate tickets no mater wha...
David Petersen

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