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21:16 Redmine Defect #17125 (New): workflow's status-transitions' header-column & header-row pan & scroll out o...
When quantity q issue-statuses are provisioned and where q is large, the matrix of status-transitions is a square wit...


13:10 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineInstallOSXMavericksServer (#25)
hint as to where will install failure occur
13:08 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineInstallOSXMavericksServer (#24)
Correcting red background.
13:02 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineInstallOSXMavericksServer (#23)
Added correction


07:38 Redmine Feature #5390: customize terminology
Eric Davis wrote:
> Felix Schäfer wrote:
> > Whatever you call them, storing recurrent strings-to-be-displayed in t...


20:48 Redmine Feature #5391 (New): progression of versions *per* *branch*
In some schools of thought, major-release versions are branches that are never merged wholesale back to trunk or to a...
19:51 Redmine Feature #5390 (Closed): customize terminology
Some schools of thought call the stuff that Redmine stores by different names: defects, bugs, issues, (trouble-)tick...
19:34 Redmine Feature #4828: Dynamic / modular workflows.
The multiple static work-flows in this feature-request might be a duplicate of feature-request #973.
19:31 Redmine Feature #1171: Add workflow for custom fields
19:29 Redmine Feature #2208: Workflow: only Issue Reporter can close
I disagree with Thomas Pihl's assessment that this is always an educational issue. What is make & SCM at their...

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