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10:13 Redmine Help: RE: can't send mail using smtp "An error occurred while sending mail (execution expired)"
maybe too late but did you try with int type for the port (without quote')
> port: 587


16:10 Redmine Feature #18027 (New): Notification when deleting an issue
Currently, issue deleted are ... deleted :-)
To avoid to lost something, it would be great to have a final notificat...


12:00 Redmine Feature #1380: Deleting an issue only marks it as being deleted
+1 Also, in case of deletion (this could be a dedicated feature) : we should have a notification with the all (and fi...
11:12 Redmine Feature #17243: Email notification to a new assignee
Didn't see also for #16362, thank you !
Agree to keep this tracker for more generic notifications ? all standard fie...


15:07 Redmine Feature #17243 (Closed): Email notification to a new assignee
Our notification configuration is the following (Redmine version 2.5.1):
* in the account of the assignee : everythi...


14:44 Redmine Feature #8223: Email all users


09:34 Redmine Feature #10691: Retry to send email notifications when SMTP is unavailable
+1, also happening in many other situations (DNS down, gmail service errors ...). Event if not frequent, the only thi...


09:22 Redmine Feature #8648: Add a reminder button in the issue page
Any comments please ? I am sure that this issue will be unfortunately used :-) and this should be quite simple to do ?


15:20 Redmine Feature #10897: Offer an advanced issue query language as an alternative to it's current UI
+1 also looking forward for any search enhancement ! Can someone increase priority of this tracker please ?


10:14 Redmine Feature #9850: Differentiate shared versions in version-format custom field drop-downs by prepend...

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