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20:49 Redmine Feature #6059: Global links
Given up on this idea, feel free to cancel it.
Made my own page with links outside of redmine and use that instead.
James Mahler
20:48 Redmine Feature #6058: better sub project support
we've given up on the idea of trying to use sub-projects.
Feel free to cancel this issue.
James Mahler


15:27 Redmine Feature #6059: Global links
That plugin seems useful for other things but doesn't seem to fit what I'm looking for.
With over 100 projects, I ...
James Mahler


15:16 Redmine Feature #6058: better sub project support
for 1, I don't have admin privileges. I have a "+ New subproject" button on my projects. Instead of a copy, it woul... James Mahler


16:03 Redmine Feature #6059 (New): Global links
On the right there is "issues" and "custom queries". The custom queries only show up on the projects they apply to.
James Mahler
15:53 Redmine Feature #6058 (New): better sub project support
I use a lot of sub projects in redmine. Sub-projects don't work nearly as nice as they could. There are a few featu... James Mahler

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