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11:33 Redmine Open discussion: RE: issues per user report
Felix Schäfer wrote:
> There's a view accessible by clicking on "Summary" in the right-hand sidebar of the issue lis...
sebastian ovide
09:29 Redmine Open discussion: issues per user report
Hi All,
we are replacing Bugzilla with the Redmine and we need to find a way to create reports with the number of ...
sebastian ovide


16:29 Redmine Patch #4409: Remove email body via a delimiter
most of mail clients would append somethink like "john wrote" or "on xx/xx/xx ..." etc... is there any way to add som... sebastian ovide


12:10 Redmine Open discussion: reasons for migrating bugzilla from redmine ?
Hi Guys,
I have used several trackers such as Mantis, Bugzilla, Lotus DB, etc... I like Redmine most as it is very...
sebastian ovide


10:58 Redmine Open discussion: is sqlite good enough ?
Hi Guys,
I've installed Redmine + Sqlite as a demo in my workplace and now we are using it for real !
just wond...
sebastian ovide


17:30 Redmine Open discussion: VBOX with Redmine 1.0.1 ?
Hi All,
does anybody know where can I download an vbox image with Redmine > 1.0.0 ?
sebastian ovide


12:21 Redmine Open discussion: displaying several projects and subprojects
Hi Guys,
we have several projects and subprojects. Our main page is loosing readability and it would be much more ...
sebastian ovide


15:10 Redmine Defect #2638: LDAP authentication should allow username to contain space(s)
any plans for it ? sebastian ovide
15:09 Redmine Patch #811: Username validation - allow spaces...
+1 sebastian ovide


11:30 Redmine Feature #3436: Show relations in Gantt diagram
+1 sebastian ovide

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