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14:20 Redmine Defect #33950 (Closed): Search users - selection cleared on every search
I don't know is this is a bug or I am using it wrong.
But anyhow - it is a user-frendy feature.
It doesn't...


12:42 Redmine Help: RE: Logfile timestamp and log level question
I know it's quite a long time ago, but - did you (and how) found answers to your questions?


08:32 Redmine Help: RE: Files upload 500 Internal Server Error by process user
I have a similar setup and identical problem. Redmine 3.4.3. Debian, www-data running apache2 and stuff...


11:37 Redmine Help: RE: Upgrade Redmine 3.2.1 to 3.4.1
Diego Gonzalez wrote:
> But when accessing via WEB, I continue accessing V3.2.1, which would subtract, where I ind...


10:42 Redmine Open discussion: RE: receiving emails from imap ssl
Mark Wintch wrote:
> Dim Ko wrote:
> > Scott B wrote:
> > > FYI - This worked:
> > >
> > > Create a new file co...


15:16 Redmine Help: Fetching mail with IMAP (mail to issue)
Hi, there!
Ok, i'm trying to create issue with email.
I've setup the mailbox, it's exchange 2016. It uses START...

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