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15:47 Redmine Help: Bot Spam In Issue 1739
Just an FYI if there are any admins around:
Brian Heasley


22:49 Redmine Feature #1739: Add ability to change issue author
+1 Brian Heasley


16:42 Redmine Feature #5541: Project Status "Closed"
Similar to this request: #8681
Brian Heasley
16:38 Redmine Feature #9829: Time of archived project in spent time report
It may be designed behavior, but that does not make it useful or the best way to handle it. A feature request that c... Brian Heasley
16:36 Redmine Feature #8681: Closed & Archived projects
Archiving a project as it stands is pretty useless (for us).
Brian Heasley


21:43 Redmine Feature #8050: Mightful workflow field enhancement: visible, read only and mandatory
+1 Brian Heasley


20:43 Redmine Patch #7444: Patch for improved issue edit permissions
Brian: Thanks, I see that now, sorry I missed it. I do hope this makes it into the Redmine trunk. Brian Heasley
18:30 Redmine Patch #7444: Patch for improved issue edit permissions
Our problem is Reporters assigning issues to developers as mentioned in RM #3461. Would this patch cover that? I ca... Brian Heasley


21:07 Redmine Patch #7444: Patch for improved issue edit permissions
Great patch, is this for sure going into 1.2? It really is need.
Any word on 1.1.1 compatibility?
Brian Heasley


16:30 Redmine Patch #3461: Manage permission on issue assigment
Any word on using this with v1.1.0? Brian Heasley

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