Christoph Kappel

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17:59 Redmine Plugins: RE: embeding other web page into project tab
I know this is a really old topic, but I used the same plugin for my own buildbot until I decided to write a real plu...


23:37 Redmine Patch #225: Patch for custom html meta description and keywords
Nice idea, another thing that makes my own redmine not updateable anymore. ;)


20:42 Redmine Feature #675: Anti-spam or captcha for issues
Hard to believe that there still is nothing to prevent spam and Redmine seems to get more and more attention. All spa...


16:34 Redmine Feature #2051: Code view/pre div width
It can't be to difficult to fix this - I have to change it manually everytime I update Redmine..


13:59 Redmine Feature #2051 (Closed): Code view/pre div width
The width for "pre" is set to 95% and this doesn't work well with enabled TOC. ( pre/application.css:456)

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