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19:10 Redmine Feature #1624: Issue merging
*+100* ;)
An extremely useful feature. Surprised there hasn't been more discussion on this..
Brian Lacy


23:24 Redmine Feature #1176: Recurring Tasks
I'd be very interested in hearing an update on this feature!
It's requested frequently by my team members..
Brian Lacy


01:03 Redmine Feature #10078: Definition List support
+1 The text formatting options are pretty limited, but this would be very useful for Wiki formatting in particular. Brian Lacy


20:09 Redmine Feature #1554: Private comments in tickets
I'm thrilled to hear that 2.2 will include Private Comments! Our team intends to use Redmine as a way to help keep ou... Brian Lacy


01:55 Redmine Help: RE: Test e-mail works but notifications aren't send
I was struggling with this too, and finally realized that the setting "I don't want to be notified of changes that I ... Brian Lacy


03:33 Redmine Feature #8817: Attachments/Plugin assets directory writable errors
Agreed, this is pretty confusing for a new Redmine user. The messages should be much more specific about what directo... Brian Lacy


21:02 Redmine Feature #7997 (New): Merge Issues
Feature Request: Merge related issues
The idea would be to create a "Merge Issue" link next to the "Duplicate" and...
Brian Lacy
15:46 Redmine Feature #7993 (Closed): Select Default Report (or Custom Report quick links)
Our most important report is a Progress Report grouped by Target version. However, to get to the report we have to fi... Brian Lacy
15:42 Redmine Feature #3511: Ability to sort issues by grouped column
I just want to confirm that I'm still experiencing the same problem. Our most crucial report Groups by Target Version... Brian Lacy


01:10 Redmine Feature #5708: New Version Status: On Hold
This would be tremendously help for us as well. We have a custom Status type called "On Hold", which means we are awa... Brian Lacy

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