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04:23 Redmine Patch #37532: Add CSS class for relation type to related issues list
I have attached a file to add the test code.


02:22 Redmine Patch #37486: Add JavaScript unit tests.
Some features like context_menu have a lot of code.
Therefore, I felt that it was difficult to verify that it ...


06:55 Redmine Defect #37499: Default query should not be applied if the query is not allowed to be set as the d...
Patch attached.
The default_project_query also has the same problem, so I have fixed it.


02:50 Redmine Defect #37473: Focus IssueId when linking issues
I think this is a jQuery 3.6.0 specific issue and is related to the following two issues.
* You cannot programmatica...


03:55 Redmine Feature #29286: Add default spent time activity per role
I think this feature very useful.
I have made changes so that I can apply the patch to the latest code.
Main Chan...


09:17 Redmine Feature #37480: CSV export of project memberships
The attached patch should be able to export the following CSV...
09:16 Redmine Feature #37480 (New): CSV export of project memberships
project members CSV is useful for recording member settings and checking whether users have excessive privileges.
03:17 Redmine Patch #31110: Raise an exception if the plugin directory name differs from the plugin id
luigifab ! wrote:
> Since the following piece of code was added:
> [...]
> This prevent Redmine plugins pa...


03:04 Redmine Feature #37362: CSV export of issues report
The patch file attached in #37362#note-1 was insufficient, so it is attached again.
02:52 Redmine Feature #37362: CSV export of issues report
I attach the patch.

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