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08:23 Redmine Feature #33641: Show badges that indicate author or assignee in issue journal, news comments, and...


08:47 Redmine Feature #14107: Fullscreen view switch for issues list, roadmap, gantt, wiki, forums...
I confirmed this API.
Fullscreen mode ends when Redmine redirects to another page. In Redmine, which has many screen...


10:56 Redmine Patch #33692 (New): Improve the layout of the activity page
Applying this patch (attachment:update-activity-layout.diff) will change the layout of the activity page as shown in ...
07:14 Redmine Defect #33689 (New): API can add issue notes even if the user does not have add_issue_notes permi...
Users without the add_issue_notes permission should not be able to add notes.
Users without the add_issue_notes perm...
06:11 Redmine Defect #11870: REST API allows delete Admin user, making Redmine unusable
vzvu 3k6k wrote:
> If I have to say something, it would be more user-friendly if the reason of the erro...


09:41 Redmine Feature #33682: Calendar UI proposal (Vertical list layout)
I think the layout of attachment:calendar-ui-proposal.png is very good.
In the current layout, there are many ...
09:39 Redmine Defect #28340: Plugin Tutorial doesn't work
I just updated the plugin tutorial.
09:36 Redmine Wiki edit: Plugin_Tutorial (#105)
Update plugin tutorial for Redmine 4.x and Redmine3.x


08:55 Redmine Defect #11870: REST API allows delete Admin user, making Redmine unusable
I've attached a patch based on #11870#note-2.
It was developed by pair programming with "@kfischer_okarin":https://w...


04:55 Redmine Feature #4015: Make app settings overridable at project level
The patch I intended to attach at #4015#note-27

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