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01:14 Redmine Feature #33820: Auto Complete wiki page links
I fixed the patch by referring to the code of #34122.


07:43 Redmine Defect #33355: TypeError when attempting to update a user with a blank email address
Go MAEDA wrote:
> I'm not sure which is more appropriate, changing the API of AvatarsHelper as suggested in #note-1,...


07:43 Redmine Feature #34242: Include two-factor authentication scheme in users API response
I attach the patch.
07:02 Redmine Feature #34241: Include twofa_scheme (two-factor scheme) column when exporting users to CSV
I attach the patch.
05:15 Redmine Defect #33896: Incorrect position of the revision graph
This change resolves the visual probrem, but instead the "View differences" buttons no longer works.
The cause is th...


01:03 Redmine Defect #34234: Use Setting.host_name instead of Setting.app_title as TOTP issuer to avoid name co...
This specification looks good.
Since app_title often uses company name and project name, there is a risk of overwr...


09:36 Redmine Defect #31637: CSV and PDF export don't respect Time span format
Go MAEDA wrote:
> Go MAEDA wrote:
> > The patch attachment:0001-Fix-csv-format-of-hours.patch breaks an existing te...


08:10 Redmine Patch #16069: Allow configuration of API limit instead of hardcoding at 100
vzvu 3k6k wrote:
> Go MAEDA wrote:
> >The user should not be able to set the value of API limit smaller than 10...
07:39 Redmine Patch #34169 (Closed): MessagesControllerTest#test_post_new randomly fails
MessagesControllerTest # test_post_new test fails (trunk)...


09:18 Redmine Feature #29473: Submit a form with Ctrl+Enter / Command+Return
For Ajax form, using this shortcut key will result in an "Invalid form authenticity token" Error.
Example: When edit...

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