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19:43 Redmine Feature #1443: Making the Repository module as nice as the Trac one
+1 for ChangeSets can be downloaded as "Unified Diff" patches or "Zip Archive"
2 year old feature?! I use this fea...


00:32 Redmine Feature #1842: Import trac subpages to the new "Hierarchy and Breadcrumbs" feature
I would like also wiki paths with slashes. I also prefer lowercase paths ("/page/subpage/subsubpage/"), redmine...
00:03 Redmine Feature #528: Wiki Page Hierarchy and Breadcrumbs
strangely I don't have this feature in the current stable release of redmine!?
23:58 Redmine Feature #5402: Wiki diff: line by line instead of word by word
I would like to see wiki history diff like repository source revisions diff.

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