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17:02 Redmine Feature #1365: Allow Project by Project setting of a 'Default' Tracker value including nil
I second this request. There's a great tendency to forget to select an appropriate tracker when a default is provided... Bobby Birks


22:30 Redmine Feature #2954 (Closed): Ability to filter out duplicate issues
I was taking advantage of the new filter from #1678 allowing me to quickly enter estimated times we'd omitted from a ... Bobby Birks


23:50 Redmine Feature #2182: Weighted version completion percentage
Sorry, I missed that issue. All variations I searched on involved "percent" to catch percent and percentage :(
Bobby Birks
21:09 Redmine Feature #2182 (Closed): Weighted version completion percentage
Showing percentage of issue completion is a handy feature, but it would be nice to have the ability to see an estimat... Bobby Birks
21:35 Redmine Feature #2183 (New): Avoid potential awkwardness in adding custom boolean fields to existing projects
This issue was noted on a Redmine 0.7.3 install.
Not sure how this can be resolved, but we already had several hun...
Bobby Birks

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