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12:46 Redmine Feature #3976: Hide custom fields from certain roles
I have written a plugin for this purpose.
Check it out:


16:29 Redmine Defect #7280: Issues subjects wrap in Gantt
Very nice solution! It working here.
10:30 Redmine Defect #7280: Issues subjects wrap in Gantt
The fix from _Luis Serrano Aranda_ works, but now every row has the additional height. This can be used to work...
09:43 Redmine Defect #7377: Updating an Issue with custom fields set fails in V.1.1.0
You need to save the custom fields with an extra command before you can save the issue....
09:40 Redmine Feature #7370: Interpret "file://" into issue description
But then it should be optional because it introduces some security risk. And the user needs to be informed about this...

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