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13:55 Redmine Plugins: RE: Wiki Extensions Plugin
Hello, all!
This is my patch to notify watchers of wiki-page about commenting page.
Hope it will be usefull.


09:12 Redmine Open discussion: Can not save user settings in Redmine 1.2
After upgrading to 1.2 I can't save email notification and language settings on "My account" page. What caused that p...


18:41 Redmine Plugins: RE: Textile Wysiwyg editor
Thanks a lot! Good job!
15:37 Redmine Plugins: RE: Textile Wysiwyg editor
Is there any way to add custom button to toolbar? It would be great!


10:07 Redmine Feature #3816: Allow pasting screenshots from clipboard
Hello. Does it works in wiki edition page? If not, how can I modify plugin for it? Thanks.


15:16 Redmine Plugins: Using redmine screenshot paste plugin in wiki edition pages
Is there any way to use [[]] for pasting scree...

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