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08:11 Redmine Plugins: RE: Delete project plugin
Brad Rushworth wrote:
> Any ideas how to fix this?
The fix to get the Redmine Delete Project plugin working again...
Brad Rushworth


08:24 Redmine Plugins: RE: Delete project plugin
Koji Chikamoto wrote:
> I fixed it work with my redmine-2.2.0 environment.
> Please try.
I've tried this with Re...
Brad Rushworth


14:17 Redmine Feature #3647: Data Import/Export System
Sudhanshu Agrawal wrote:
> Hey Brad did you get a chance to release it under GNU? I am in a similar need. Please poi...
Brad Rushworth


01:53 Redmine Wiki edit: PluginCharts (#4)
Brad Rushworth


13:01 Redmine Plugins: RE: Delete project plugin
The original download location for this plugin seems to have disappeared. I have provided a URL mirror:
* http://w...
Brad Rushworth


23:47 Redmine Feature #3647: Data Import/Export System
John NWW wrote:
> +1 It looks like these guys figured out a way.
I manage H...
Brad Rushworth


03:18 Redmine Feature #4015: Make app settings overridable at project level
Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:
> Allow some application settings (eg. Theme) to be overridden at project level.
For ev...
Brad Rushworth
03:14 Redmine Feature #1853: Make Projects truly independent of each other
I'm the administrator of "":, a free community service.
The additio...
Brad Rushworth


13:46 Redmine Plugins: RE: the redmine_screenshot_paste could not support redmine 1.4.X
Have a look at #9778
Also, I have not been able to get @redmine_screenshot_paste@ to work with redmine 1.4.X eithe...
Brad Rushworth


16:24 Redmine Plugins: RE: Delete project plugin
If anyone has problems with this plugin after upgrading to Redmine 1.4, go to #9778. Brad Rushworth

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