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14:56 Redmine Patch #13545: Workflow permissions are broken if user has multiple roles in project
I will try, but my English is not so good...
I have two roles R1 and R2.
I have for R1 and tracker "Bug" start date...
Alexander Kriventsov


14:51 Redmine Patch #13545 (Needs feedback): Workflow permissions are broken if user has multiple roles in project
If user has multiple roles in project workflow permissions don't work.
It works in two cases:
# User has one role
Alexander Kriventsov


11:34 Redmine Feature #10912 (Closed): Add search by watcher
This patch add possibility to make search filter by watcher. Alexander Kriventsov


09:39 Redmine Feature #10873 (New): Additional user format
Hello we have two users with the same first name and last name.
I've made simple patch to add new user format like "...
Alexander Kriventsov


16:29 Redmine Defect #8359: User can ignore issue workflow if moving issue
I've made patch to fix this workflow issue Alexander Kriventsov


13:48 Redmine Patch #10555 (Closed): rake redmine:send_reminders aborted if issue assigned to group
If issue assigned to group reminder fails with error: ... Alexander Kriventsov


12:18 Redmine Feature #7037: CSV export encoding and excel. UTF-8 and BOM
John Yani wrote:
> Redmine doesn't add BOM to the UTF-8 exported csv file, so I have to manually enforce csv encodin...
Alexander Kriventsov


16:58 Redmine Feature #4244: Multiple email addresses for each user
It will be great
Alexander Kriventsov
16:00 Redmine Patch #7687 (Closed): Incorrect search in my page
I found that in the my page in "Reported issues" and "Watched issues" show closed issues. But link under each pox sho... Alexander Kriventsov

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