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21:08 Redmine Defect #35382: Copy Project Tracker and Tasks and relations
+1 Confirmed


16:45 Redmine Feature #36374 (New): Add sign in page caps lock indicator
For ease if use and as part of best practices please add a caps lock indicator on the sign in page. This helps preven...


18:02 Redmine Defect #35320 (New): When viewing spent time report the Activity, Issue Id and Subject are combin...
Please add the issue's subject as a column to filter by in the spent time reporting. Trying to filter the issue for a...


20:56 Redmine Feature #31638 (Closed): Issue start date date type changed to date time.
For tightly scheduled tasks the issue start date needs to be a datetime field. With that the related links precedes ...


06:20 Redmine Wiki edit: Repositories_access_control_with_apache_mod_dav_svn_and_mod_perl (#47)


16:10 Redmine Defect #31432 (Closed): Wiki Plugins broken link Tutorial
Writing Redmine 2.x plugins
Tutorial <- page no longer exists. redirects to http://www.gogolek.co.uk/blog/2012/09/wr...


14:16 Redmine Defect #31118 (New): Uninstalling a Plugin that hast assets
When uninstalling a plugin the proper way ...
rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=plugin_name VERSION=0 RAILS_ENV=pr...


16:20 Redmine Feature #22121: Add a quick search of projects in Projects page
checkout "Projects Show plugin":http://www.redmine.org/plugins/projects_show
16:18 Redmine Feature #22122: Display Subprojects as a list in the project's Overview tab
checkout this "Projects Show plugin":http://www.redmine.org/plugins/projects_show


16:44 Redmine Feature #17844 (New): A help intercept or better options
Currently the redmine "help" menu redirects to redmine.org. What I'd like to see is a real help menu within the actu...

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