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19:21 Redmine Open discussion: Search & Repository Living Together Peacefully?
A bit of discussion 3 years ago, but little of use since...
I have a massive SVN repository, with carefully named ...


18:51 Redmine Help: RE: Spaces in URLs... Ack!
Oh... and I've also tried %20 (percent 20)...
WTH? :)
18:50 Redmine Help: Spaces in URLs... Ack!
Learned experts:
I am serving svn from VisualSVN Server, and when you browse with it to a repo-or even a dir under...


03:53 Redmine Plugins: HTTPS support for redmine arch decisions
Please have your plugin look at the global settings to determine which way the redmine install is configured (HTTP or...


04:01 Redmine Open discussion: Migration from Sharepoint
I am completely sold on Redmine to manage my software development efforts. We use subversion, but have never tied it ...

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